Meet the Students

Trần Nhật Bình from Long An

The working atmosphere is just great. Lecturers and students are very motivated, and because class sizes are not too big everyone is able to follow along. The staff here at VGU was very supportive and helped me very much before and during my study. They just make you feel comfortable.

Đỗ Thế Lâm from Buon Ma Thuot

The moderate tuition fee at VGU offers a chance for all Vietnamese students who want to get a good quality education in Vietnam. I myself come from a remote province but still I can get a good education at low prices and in my own country.

Nguyễn Thị Xuân Quý from Ho Chi Minh City

What I like best about VGU is that it is not all about theory but they show us practical things and how to apply them into daily life.

Nguyễn Tuấn Khải from Ho Chi Minh City

I liked the way the teachers taught us how to work as well independently as also in teams, especially in Mathematics and Physics. Lectures were attractive and the teachers were always ready to help us.

Nguyễn Trung Thức from Ho Chi Minh City

At VGU I have improved my English a lot and was automatically connected to foreigners, lecturers and students from Germany and other parts of the world.

Bachelor's Students at VGU

The first group of VGU students, who sucessfully finished the "Foundation Year" 2008/09 and now are going on with the Bachelor's programme in 'Electrical Engineering and Information Technology' talk about their experiences during their first year at VGU.