First batch of VGU’s 25 students heading for Germany to finish their final year at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

After 3 years of industrious studying with many experiences and knowledge and accumulated foreign languages ability, VGU’s first batch students were ready for their final stage of undergraduate studies in a German-standard environment.

At 8.30 pm Wed, 31 Aug 2011, 2008-batch 25 students majoring in EEIT and their relatives and friends were at Tan Son Nhat Airport and about to exit Vietnam. Ahead of them will be a year of studying at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, a partner of VGU’s EEIT program. There in Germany, these students will have chances to exchange ideas with German and other international students, do experiments in modern labs, participate in topics, projects and assignments, have interesting extra-curricular activities after school hours and at weekends, live independently, be familiar with German people, culture and country so that they know more about their own one etc. One year is not long but they have to get used to living in an alien nation with geographical and culture differences, and face the lack of family concerns etc. Yet such obstacles do not make them feel nervous. On the contrary, bearing skills and knowledge learnt from VGU, they were ready and confident for independent life and studying waiting for them in Germany. Many parents were so happy to see their kids’ maturity.

Any seeing off always makes leavers and non-leavers have deep feelings. For sure, notices, encouragements and sympathies from Teacher Henning Hilbert, a VGU’s academic coordinator, will be alongside the students during their time in Germany. With studying aspirations and ambitions that they showed up during their first 3 years to German Professors, VGU completely believes that they will get more success and their academic path will not stop at an Engineer’s degree that they will obtain and bring back to Vietnam in Sep 2012. In the end, not only they but also their parents and VGU in general will be happy and proud of what they achieved and will achieve for themselves, their family, for VGU and their country.

Some pictures taken before the trip which is completely sponsored by VGU:

Wed, 31 Aug 2011, 25 EEIT 2008-batch students and their loved ones at Tan Son Nhat before departure.
VGU staff were also be here to provide support to students.
Eagerness and happiness before departure..
Eagerness and happiness before departure..
Talking prior to leaving.
VGU wishes you success and you will be the persons who make Vietnamese talent flies higher.


Arrival at the airport
Arrival at the dormitory in Groß-Gerau
Group picture EEIT-2008 with Prof. Zimmer (director of EEIT program) and Dr. Siegel