Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

In co-operation with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, GERMANY

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Why this program

The interplay between hardware and software has penetrated into every corner of industrial and high-tech products. Experts who master the skills in this engineering area are top of the list of headhunting companies. This program opens up excellent job opportunities in the development, manufacturing as well as sales and distribution in high-tech, electrical, IT and almost all industrial companies such as Intel, Siemens, Mercedes, BMW, etc. Students will be equipped with skills for the development of circuitry, electrical and information technology products which cut across various industrial areas and businesses.

This program is accredited in Germany and certified by the EUR-ACE label, a quality label for engineering programs, recognized across Europe. It has raised strong interest of world class engineering companies such as Siemens which has signed a co-operative agreement for this program.

Here's what you get after the program

  • Competitive advantages in the job market by a prestigious German and VGU degree “Bachelor of Engineering”, a world renowned German training in engineering, English language competency and foreign study experience.
  • Endless possibilities to transfer to higher degrees with a degree recognized all over the world.
  • The best job opportunities in the field of electrical engineering and IT typically offered by Siemens, Intel, Mercedes, BMW etc.
  • Top-notch engineering skills from Germany for the development of circuitry and systems, and positions in the production and sales of electrical and IT products.
  • Real industry experience through internships in Vietnam and Germany.

Here's what you get during the program

  • Study at a premium university with a world-class standard, in Binh Duong campus
  • Some of the best students may be selected to study one semester in the last year in Germany at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
  • The highest teaching standards with an outstanding curriculum, dedicated and experienced professors from Germany and local lecturers with internationally recognized PhD degrees abroad, modern, well-equipped facilities and labs.
  • Excellent programs taught in English, packed with real-world industry cases and soft skills such as team work, presentation, language, problem solving.
  • Very affordable tuition fees substantially subsidized by the Vietnamese and German governments.