Studies at VGU

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) has the goal to become one of the leading Universities in Vietnam over the next few years. It will offer courses to a high international standard at moderate fees for highly qualified Vietnamese students.

While being established, all courses at VGU are imported from its German partner Universities and are primarily taught by German professors. At the end of the course, all graduates will receive a German and VGU degree.

The teaching language at VGU is English. All students at undergraduate level have the chance to learn German while doing their main subject. This allows an optimal entry into a German or international working environment. Furthermore, VGU sees itself as a "Gateway to the German University System": VGU students have the chance to study at a German university for a single semester, write their thesis at partner companies and universities in Germany or to continue their studies in Germany after graduation. VGU is now offering seven Masters programs and three Bachelor programs. Further programs will be offered soon.