Tiếng Việt

Vietnamese German Cultural Festival 2014

Poster of the Festival

The Vietnamese German Cultural Festival, which took place at Binh Duong Campus from April 25th – April 26th, is the VGU’s first cultural event dedicated to the celebration of Vietnamese and German Culture. The festival aims to bring traditions and cultures of both countries to VGU students through exhibitions, music performances and funny games.

Started with music performances, all students were enchanted by the traditional melodies of Vietnamese and German folksongs. VGU students are truly talented by using guitar, violin and drum in their performances. Especially, Ms. Ho Cong Nguyen Binh used “đàn tranh” to make a wonderful performance; her violet “Ao Dai” reminded audiences about the image of beautiful Hue girl.

After performances, all students attended “VGU amazing race” which took students around famous German cities through quizzes and games. Games were created cleverly to test student’s brain and brawl, teamwork was the important key to win.

The next day was a cultural exhibition of both countries. Students joined in many games which test their endurances and stamina. The most surprising moment was that VGU girls were not afraid of some muscle games; they even won a team full of boys.

Students were clearly excited about the festival and it needed to be revamped. Festival this year the Board of organizers tried their best to demonstrate Vietnamese and German culture equally but the whole festival could only illustrate 20% of German culture, leaving up to 8o% for Vietnamese culture. Experienced from this year festival, the Vietnamese German Festival in 2015 promises more fun and surprising stuffs.