VGU’s Got Talent 2013

“VGU’s Got Talent” is a contest which is first created in 2012 by VGU’s students and staff. In 2013, the Students PR & Events Team - PRESTO is in charge of organizing the competition. “VGU’s Got Talent” is a playground for all VGU’s students and staffs. It is a once-an-year opportunity for everyone at VGU to show off their talents, spend time together, reinforce old relationship and meet new friends. Moreover, “VGU’s Got Talent” also encourages artistic activities within VGU, which is very important and wholesome for all students.

This year, 18 groups and individuals from both 2012 and 2011 competed with each other in 2 rounds at Binh Duong campus. 10 best performances were chosen to the final round on 15.05.2013. Contestants’ performances vary from dancing in groups, solo singing including rapping and magic.

All of them had to convince the audience, the judges, VGU's staffs and teachers as special guests in order to win their love votes.

The judges from left to right: Ms. Cristian Malimban_English Teacher, Mr. Joerg Franca_CompEng Coordinator, Ms. Le Thi Hanh_Student Affairs Officer
First prize winners
Second prize winner - Phan Hoang Dung
Third prize winner - Nguyen Minh Vuong
The organizers and volunteers

The dancing team comprised of five members whose leader is Cao Nguyên Khải won the first prize. An extremely persuasive dancing performance with excellent moves proved their seriousness, hardworking and team spirit in a unique combination of dancers from 2011 and 2012 intake. Phan Hoang Dung from EEIT-2012, who contributed the magic performance, won the second prize. FA-2011 would be proud of Nguyen Minh Vuong, who won the third prize with a sweet Vietnamese love song.

It was an amazing show. Viewers were surprised by their familiar classmates, which completely transformed and become different, talented individuals when standing on stage. Some unexpected voices which had never heard before spoke up. They won viewers’ hearts both by their talents and definitely by their determination and bravery. All of them left us a profound lesson, the will to overcome their shyness and how to shine with sincere emotions and just being themselves.

Nguyen Duc Hieu (EEIT 2011) and Le Thi Hanh