VGU Cup 2014

The Soccer Cup of VGU – VGU Cup took place at Binh Duong Sports Center on May 17th 2014. This is an annual competition held to promote sportsmanship, team spirit and strengthen friendship among students as well as staffs.

Throughout 22 matches, each lasts 20 minutes, all teams struggle against each other while showing fair play spirit in the burning heat from the matches as well as the incoming tropical summer. However, there can be only one winner. The Green Eagles bested the Minimon with the overall result of 2-1 and became the new champions of VGU Cup 2014. The Badass also overcame their opponent on the penalty mark to win the third place.

In the end, everybody had a fun and team-building experience with each other. Students, staffs and teachers came together to enjoy the matches, the heat, the shade and the pool.