Season’s Greetings 2014

The year 2014 concluded with the celebration of Season’s Greetings, a party organized by Presto for all students of VGU to honor the spirits of Christmas and to embrace the forthcoming year.

The party took place on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at VGU Campus and had welcomed a total of nearly 300 VGU students, a few EIU students, a few VGU staff and teachers. Christmas parties are a tradition of VGU students. Last year’s event, called “Winter Sonata”, was purely a celebration of Christmas. This year’s party took the theme of Season’s Greetings, which represents the transition of one season to the next. The party was not only a celebration of Christmas but also of the coming year, 2015. This purpose sets an atmosphere and a theme of coziness. The decoration, planning and performances were all oriented towards this theme and purpose.

Compared to last year’s event, there were five new additions to this year’s.

First, Presto offered cakes and traditional mulled wine (all-you can-drink).

Second, the prolonged dancing section where many well-dressed couples danced to selective light music. There were both practiced and spontaneous couples. This section rippled outward a feeling of coziness and passion among party-goers.

Third, the event’s highlight of the night: a moment with lanterns (all lights were off). Every person held in their hands a lantern lit with real candles meant to radiate warmth; this enabled for a moment to look back at 2014 and feel the spirits of the coming year.

Fourth, Presto has propped up a “New Year, New Me” table for everyone to express their new year’s resolutions and desires in the form of wishes on small notes.

Fifth, Presto has added a spotlight for photo-taking with a classy red carpet and a thematic backdrop. For performances during the night, Presto has invited EIU Art Performance Club to join and also presented some of VGU students’ own. Some of them were well-received by VGU students.

The post-party feedback responses collected from students after the event were overwhelmingly positive towards not only the dancing section but also the musical performances, especially the ‘handmime’ performance delivered by Presto team members (see video). However, the event also received unfavorable feedback such as no pre-arranged seating for attendees (all attendees had to stand for the entire event) and short programme leading to short-lived party spirits.

In conclusion, this year’s Season’s Greetings party was a success, in terms of both thorough planning and excellent execution.