Orientation Week 2014

[W] for Week!

Orientation Day is one of the main annual events at VGU, in which VGU staff as well as students give the “newbies” a special and warm welcome. Along with that, the organizers want to mentally prepare freshmen for their forthcoming tough years at university. As the organizers recognized last year last-one-day event did not give enough time for providing proper information and greetings, this year, they had decided to make it into a whole Orientation Week.

[E] for Emotion!

On the first day called Move-in day, dorm managers and staff were available at dormitory to help freshmen process their move-in procedure as well as provide them with important check-in materials including keys and room inventory reports. Some freshmen confessed that move-in day is one of the most memorable day during their first week living university life. A lot of smiles, expressions of curiousity and great excitement are terms to describe what filled the atmosphere then. To many of 2014 students, it was the first time they got to meet up with friends whom they only had chance to talk to on Facebook for a whole summer.

[L] for Legit!

In the next morning, the FY management board run a question and answer session on rules, regulations and background information regarding academic activities.The meeting was evaluated by most freshmen as being instructive and highly practical.

[C] for Cup!

Grey clouds, pouring rains and terrible winds could not hold back the spirit of the Orientation Week folks. On the second day afternoon, the Big Game session comprised of teambuilding games and activities took place at dormitory as an ice-breaking gift from Presto Team. Around 120 (over 160) new students of 2014 intake had joined. They (hopefully) had gotten enthusiastically engaged in the rousing welcome that current VGU students extended. After the welcome part, each of the participants received a cute small gift from Presto Team as a souvenir from the event, then immediately teamed up to 14 groups. The aim of each group is to work together to get through seven game stations. Teambuilding games that ranged from ice bucket fishing, don’t-sink-that-ship to canvas bag jumping and crawling has got the newbies soaked in sweat and exploded with laughter. Tired, but undeniably amusing. And as the cup of first prize awarded to the team which made it the first quickly, the crowd offered the team to unwrap the present instantly, they then all had a lovely surprise making out that in the carton there were instant noodles and sausages, which are essentials of most Vietnamese students studying in universities.

[O] for Oriented!

Music Nights and Clubs Introduction is a new plot twist added this year. By making beautiful music, giving inviting speeches, and especially holding the Torch Relay session, the organizers hope to help freshmen find their own favorites to spend their four-year life as VGU students as most meaningful as possible.

[M] for Medal!

Sports Tournament is no less important than other events which has contributed to the success of this year’s Orientation Week. The multi-sports event has favorably brought fun and joy and camaraderie to the newly-made friends.

[E] for Evoke!

As Orientation Week drew to an end, Ms. Nguyen Tran Phi Yen – founder of Zigzag Career gave VGU freshmen a stirring and inspiring speech on how to survive first year and find motivation to stick with another three years. "Don’t wear uniforms, you all look the same!" –it was considered-her-best inspirational saying of the day.