Orientation Day 2013

Orientation Day (OD) has been a traditional occasion which is annually held at the beginning of the school year to welcome new students at VGU. The original ideas of this was to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for freshmen, help them get used to the new lifestyle and study at university. This year, PRESTO - the VGU PR & Event Team, who is responsible for organizing OD, added new point to these ideas. Cao Nguyen Khai – head of PR Sub-team said: “We junior students want to inspire new students and help develop a unique culture and tradition of VGU.”

The event was held on Friday 20th of September with the attendance of over 120 students, 90% of the freshmen. It was divided into two parts. In the first part of the day, new students had a short meeting with the staffs and discuss their concerns about study’s structure.


VGU’s staffs and Mr.Henning Hilbert, Program Coordinator
Q&A Session

Many questions have been asked and answered thoroughly with the support from Ms.Hanh, Ms.Phuong and Mr.Long.


After lunch break, all the students are invited to take part in the Big Game. With the help of the Game Guiders, 126 students are divided into 14 teams competing with each other through 7 stations.

In each station, 2 teams have to compete against each other in one exciting mini game. The result from all seven games is calculated in order to find the winner of the Big Game.

Dynamic Game Guiders and Team members getting to know each other
After two hours of the Big Game, we finally found the winner.

Orientation Day ended with great smiles and laughers from everyone. Students from all classes, junior, senior, freshmen have found a lot of new friends. It was definitely a good kick-off for a great school year at VGU.

Vo Kha Quoc Hoang (FA2012)