Music and Friends - UEL

"Music and Friends" was a music exchange show between the Vietnamese German University and other universities in and outside the province of Binh Duong, which was first held in 2013. VGU's students’ music club was in charge of the event, and was provided with support from the university. The music night "Music and Friends" was a fun playground which provided not only opportunities for students from different universities to develop relationships, but also a chance for them to relieve stress after tiring school days.

The show was held for the first time on 05/29/2013 and the exchanges partners were students from the University of Economics and Law (UEL), Faculty of Business Administration.

The curtain-raiser was a funny dance from the VGU and a lively duet from the UEL. Although it was called a “Music night”, there were also funny games for both universities students to play together.

The atmosphere became more excited as each performance performed and was cheered of all students.


The students from UEL arriving
Nguyen Van Vu Hao, a member of the Dance group from VGU
The students from UEL performed their best not only in singing…
… but also in dancing.
Forgetting the initial shyness
… cheering for “on fire”.
VGU’s students & UEL’s students

“Wonderful”, “Amazing” or “I wanna play all night” were what repeated most after the show.

Although this was only a small program, it marked the first step of the friendship between the Vietnamese German University students and HCMC University of Economics and Law students in particular and other university in general, it created fond memories for the participants.

Le Ngoc Phuong Dung (FA2011)