2015 Mr. VGU

Presto gladly welcomes our students back from the long spring-break with the first-ever beauty pageant at VGU – Mr. VGU. The contest is open to all Vietnamese Germany University male students with the aim to foster the bond among students as well as boost their confidenece by providing them an opportunity to reveal their talents.

The contest kickstarted with the first round – Beauty Attack on February 25th. The winner of first round is determined by the number of likes he got for his submitted photos on Presto Facebook Fanpage. The second round – Skilled Charmers continued on 18th March at Binh Duong new city Sports Centre. This round was organized in a form of game competition so as to allow better interaction and understanding between the contestants.

Round 2 - Skilled Charmers – 14 contestants of Mr. VGU at Sports Center Swimming Pool

The third round – Rise of Talent took place on two consecutive days 24-25 March. The third rounds ended with the best 7 performances going on to the final.

After three intense and energetic rounds, the final round took place on 1st April 2015 at EIU hall. There was free-entrance to all audience. Nearly 200 people have come to cheer for their friends. Beside VGU students, it was an honored to have some of the school teachers who, despite their busy schedule, have stayed back to be the judge and also showed their encouragement to the contestants. Not only that, the event also received massive support from EIU students.

The final round ended with satisfying results. Djeuga Stephen, the only international contestant, won the title of Mr.VGU and Mr. Strong. Huỳnh Minh Trí, an talented comedian who brought endless laughter to the audience won himself a title of Mr. Tài. Last but not least, Phạm Tấn Phước, whose appearance and characteristic charmed everybody won the title of Mr. Đẹp.

This year is the first year Mr.VGU is organised replacing the previously annual contest VGU’s Got Talent. Instead of just merely focusing on the talents of the contestants, in Mr. VGU, other abilities and aspects are also paid attention to.

As mentioned above, because the contest is very new to the students, Presto team has come up with several ideas to ensure students’ acknowledgment of the event. There was side-competition for students in which winner also did get friendly prize. The art team also put in huge amount of effort to record and edit all rounds of the contest so as even for students who could not be there to watch, they are still updated about the contest.

The post-event feedbacks collected from students were overwhemly positive. In general, students are pretty satisfied with the contest. However, Presto also received some unfavorable feedbacks about the inappropriate timing for the 2nd round due to which many students could not come and support their friends. Overall, Mr. VGU was a success especially in terms of both thorough planning and excellent execution as well as for being able to connect students in VGU.