Tiếng Việt

Halloween 2014

Over 200 students of VGU, EIU and some other schools participated in “VGU Halloween Night 2014”, which took place on October 29th 2014 at VGU campus. The purpose of the event was to commemorate an annual celebration from Western culture – more importantly, to let students know each other better and to have a memorable night after stressful hours of studying.

The event kicked off with an impressive music show organized by VGU Music Club.

“I knew you were trouble” performed by Thiên Ân-FA2012
“Mad world” performed by Lê Nhân – EEIT2014 and Khuê Anh-FA2014

Leaving the music show behind, participants were divided in to 13 separate teams to take part in 6 different games.

Everyone was very eager about what they were going to play

In this game, players had to be very skillful to keep the balloons in place between 2 people and went on the track to the finish line as quickly as possible. Players also had to blow and pop balloons in order to win the game.

This game required players to be very careful. If the cup of water fell down, they would have had to do it all over again.

This game was called: Zombieland. In this game, players had to be very quick in order to keep their necklaces safe from the Zombies swarm. This game was considered to be the most difficult game that night.

Free Sodas were served by a beautiful zombie-lady.

After 6 games, the judges chose the best 2 teams to play the final game. And a winner was found! Congratulations to team 10!