VGU Embedded Programming Conest (EProCon) 2013

VGU Embedded Programming Contest  (EProCon) is an annual contest held by VGU Robotics and Electronics Club (REC) in which the contestants are required to program an embedded system controlling a robotic device to perform multiples tasks.

This year is the first year EProCon was held at VGU. With the topic “BCR – Charge your Passion”, the contest aimed at improving last year’s surprisingly good performance of VGU teams at BKIT Car Rally (BCR) 2012 and equipping freshman members with the basic knowledge of embedded programming for a line following robot.

VGU.Windrunner won the first prize in BCR 2012

The line following robot model is loosely based on the Japanese Micom Car Rally (MCR): the microcontroller cars must follow a white line on a black background, overcoming obstacles like lane-switching, crank turns and S – curves. The time taken for each car to complete its turn is recorded using a timer starting gate.

On May 30th 2013, 11 teams from VGU, 2 from EEIT 2011 and 9 from EEIT 2012, competed in the racing round of EProCon 2013.

Mr Richard Bradley, founder of VGU Robotics and Electronics Club, announcing the start of the contest
VGU.Pegasus ready to roll!
A car preparing to do a lane-switching

Close friends at school became rivals, all wanting to claim the title of EProCon 2013 Racing Champion. Nguyen Doan Quang Khoi, head of the organizing board said “There have been a lot of new and innovative algorithms being invented and applied. It’s hard to believe most of the teams competing this year are freshmen”.

VGU.ThunderX1 being happy to receive the prize

After 2 hours of intense racing, VGU.MasterYi won the championship, followed by VGU.Pegasus at the second place and VGU.ThunderX1 at the third place.

The contest ended with the song “Đường đến ngày vinh quang” (The path to glory) sung together by the organizers and the contestants, all of which were happy to have learned so much.

Dinh Quoc Huy (EEIT2011)