2014-2015 AllesWissen contest

The AllesWissen contest is hosted in the 1st semester of academic year 2014-2015 with the Final Round in the evening of 21/01/2015. This is a contest about general knowledge as well as specialized knowledge with many topics from social, literature to science, nature. AllesWissen is organized for the first time at VGU on January 2015 and intended to be an annual event from now on.

As an academic contest, an event like that has never been hosted at VGU before. This first hosting is a critical fundamental for further hosting in the next years. In spite of being called as an “academic contest”, the program is not totally dry and bored like what many people used to think; in contrast, the program has its own attraction and distinguish atmosphere to all the student competitors.

The program has it owns Facebook fanpage, which receives daily updates from the PR team. Every individual – whether a VGU student or a friend from outside could follow and update all the useful science fun facts or information about upcoming events of AllesWissen. The fanpage site is at: www.facebook.com/alleswissenvgu.

About the offline promotion, 2 weeks before the preliminary round, many classes of VGU had a chance to test with some small quizzes from the AllesWissen Organzing Committee (OC) and received some small encouraging gifts. This is considered as a warm-up for the upcoming events. The warm-up lasted for 2 weeks with 5 pieces of present had been handed out. The OC also received many positive comments about the quizzes and regards from many classes.

The offline promotion quiz

The duration of the contest was 3 weeks, so it could be said that this is the longest ever event at VGU. AllesWissen started with the first 2 weeks as the 1st and 2nd preliminary round – on 07 and 14/01/2015. The preliminary rounds is hosted at classrooms at VGU with the form of paper test. From the first 45 competitor teams, which consisted of both students from VGU and EIU, the OC had sorted out 20 teams for the 2nd preliminary round and finally 3 excellent teams for the Final round. Each team sat in team of 3 members – independently from other teams – and tried to finish the test together. During the testing time, there were clear rules and regulations and the teams had to completely follow. There was a highlight that there was no team violated the rules of the contest.

Candies were handed out to the teams as mental encouragement. After the 1st preliminary round, the OC received very good feedback from the students about the new features of the contest and interesting questions.

About the Final Night, the Final round between the 3 best teams was hosted in the evening of 21/01/2015. There were approximately 100 participants of the Final Night, included the audience and members of the OC. The Final round lasted quite smoothly with interesting questions and excellent answers from the competitor teams.

Moreover, we have to give our best regards to the Advising Committee, which were teachers and teaching assistant of VGU, had joined the contest and taken part in the evaluation process. Thanks for the Advising Committee, the expertise question had been well-evaluated.

Apart from the main event, the audience had enjoyed two music performances from the Music Club. In addition, there was an exchange-with-audience game at the middle of the event with the very funny game of guessing the name of a film from a short video. The audience had joined the game with great enthusiasm and created exciting atmosphere. At the corridor of the room, snacks and drinks were set so that the students could take freely and enjoy the event more.

The Final Night ended with certificates were handed out to each team, and the champion team also received a very beautiful hand-made gift from String Attack Viet Nam – the main sponsor of the contest and held high the champion cup with great excitement and big applause from the audience. The teams took pictures with the audience and OC altogether.

After the event, the OC has received many feedback from everyone. About the preliminary rounds, the OC had done a good job, every qualified team had received presents, and the hosting style was quite professional; however, the questions should have been adjusted to be more suitable for the students. About the Final round, most of the students considered that the event was very good, the regulations were newly interesting. However, there were also many problems that need to be improved – for examples: the event should not be hosted in the exam-week, the rules and regulations should be more clearly disseminated, more logic questions should be used and the MCs need to be improved.

There is a fun fact: the AllesWissen champion cup will be passed to the next championof every year. It is considered as the honour and the symbol of the contest, and will be passed on years after years.

In the end, the first AllesWissen contest has finally ended and met the expectation for the first organizing. In spite of many disadvantages that need to be improved, the AllesWissen Organizing Committee has worked very hard – and we believe that the later events will be much better organized.

AllesWissen Organizing Committee altogether