VGU Open Day

"VGU Open Day" (Information Day) is a public event organized annually for parents and students to visit VGU campus and facilities and get more information on the study programs. It was a good chance for parents and students to meet and get direct consultancy and sharing from VGU staff and volunteer students. [More]

VGU Tour

VGU students welcome teachers and students from high schools to visit VGU Campus. [More]

2015 Swimming Club’s Pool Party

Under the scorching heat of summer, a Pool Party is all everyone need. The Swimming Club of VGU welcomes all student not only in our school but also in EIU, TDM University and so on... [More]

2015 Mr. VGU

Presto gladly welcomes our students back from the long spring-break with the first-ever beauty pageant at VGU – Mr. VGU. The contest is open to all Vietnamese Germany University male students with the aim to foster the bond among students as well as boost their confidenece by providing them an opportunity to reveal their talents... [More]

2014-2015 AllesWissen contest

The AllesWissen contest is hosted in the 1st semester of academic year 2014-2015 with the Final Round in the evening of 21/01/2015. This is a contest about general knowledge as well as specialized knowledge with many topics from social, literature to science, nature. AllesWissen is organized for the first time at VGU on January 2015 and intended to be an annual event from now on... [More]

2014 Season’s Greetings

The year 2014 concluded with the celebration of Season’s Greetings, a party organized by Presto for all students of VGU to honor the spirits of Christmas and to embrace the forthcoming year [More]

2014 Halloween

Over 200 students of VGU, EIU and some other schools participated in “VGU Halloween Night 2014”, which took place on October 29th 2014 at VGU campus. The purpose of the event was to commemorate an annual celebration from Western culture – more importantly, to let students know each other better and to have a memorable night after stressful hours of studying. [More]

2014 Orientation Week

Orientation Day is one of the main annual events at VGU, in which VGU staff as well as students give the “newbies” a special and warm welcome. Along with that, the organizers want to mentally prepare freshmen for their forthcoming tough years at university... [More]

2014 VGU Cup

The Soccer Cup of VGU – VGU Cup took place at Binh Duong Sports Center on May 17th 2014. This is an annual competition held to promote sportsmanship, team spirit and strengthen friendship among students as well as staffs.... [More]

2014 VGU Bloodrive in May

According to Vietnam Red Cross, it is estimated that more than 1.5 million blood units are needed every year in Vietnam but the blood bank annually only satisfies about 30% of the demand. On May 7th, VGU in cooperation with Binh Duong Red Cross organized “VGU Bloodrive 2014” to encourage VGU students, teachers and staffs donate their blood to save people... [More]

2014 Vietnamese German Cultural Festival

The Vietnamese German Cultural Festival, which took place at Binh Duong Campus from April 25th – April 26th, is the VGU’s first cultural event dedicated to the celebration of Vietnamese and German Culture. The festival aims to bring traditions and cultures of both countries to VGU students through exhibitions, music performances and funny games... [More]