Computer Labs at VGU

The Vietnamese-German University is equipped with two modern computer labs. Students receive a personal account for the lab-computers which remains valid for the entire period of study.


The computer hardware meets modern standards and fully complies with the demands of engineering applications:

  • Intel Quadcore processors
  • 4GB RAM
  • Widescreen TFT monitors 1680 x 1050

For numerical simulations, VGU has a powerful server computer:

  • 2 AMD Opteron processors, 8 cores each
  • 64GB RAM


The Vietnamese-German University takes part in the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance program. Therefore, VGU has access to most modern Microsoft operating systems and software development tools.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Linux

Software development tools

  • Eclipse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Keil µVision IDE


  • Mathematica 8.0
  • Matlab 2010
  • SPSS 18
  • Gnuplot


  • Ansys 13


  • Microsoft Office
  • LaTeX
  • Gimp