VGTRC distinguishes itself for its breadth of knowledge with a number of core areas that strongly respond to the practical and research needs in transport and traffic in developing countries. The core areas and sub-topics are listed below.

1.      Transport Planning Methods

·       Integrated planning of infrastructure development and service operation (applied to public and private transport)

·       Integrated planning of land use and transport

·       Multidimensional integration of multimodal transport systems (functional, technical, and organizational)

·       Development and application of decision-making modeling and optimization methods in traffic and transport

2.     Traffic Management Schemes

·       Systematic planning of traffic management schemes/measures

·       Parking planning and management schemes

·       Traffic management at construction site

·       Special traffic management measures (toll, ramp metering, student pass, etc.)

·       Collection, processing and completion of traffic data

·       Mobility services management

·       Organization of traffic management

3.     Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

·       Concepts of ITS applications

·       Market potential, acceptance, and impacts of ITS applications

·       ITS architectures

4.     Road Traffic Signal Systems

·       Signal control strategies

·       Traffic control strategies, including environment-oriented traffic control

·       Calculation and optimization methods

5.     Traffic Safety and Environment

·       Road traffic accident analysis and policy interventions

·       Environmental policies and technologies in transport sector

·       Integrated strategies for traffic safety and environment

·       Impact assessment of transport infrastructure and/or services (in terms of environmental compatibility, capacity, cost-effectiveness, etc.)

6.     Freight Transport and Logistics

·       Commercial transport

·       Integrated planning of production, logistics, and traffic

·       Logistics system development for agricultural and industrial products

·       Modeling and simulation of freight transport and logistics systems

·       Risk and disaster management in freight transport and logistics

7.     Quality Management (QM)

·       QM applications in transport planning and traffic engineering

·       Efficient QM concepts for individual and integrated systems

·       QM architectures

·       User-oriented quality measurement and benchmarking

·       Policy performance measurement.