Tiếng Việt


"Intelligent Transport Systems – Applications and Architectures"


Time:               21 February 2014 (Friday)

Venue:            Conference Hall, Department of Transport HCMC,

                       63 Ly Tu Trong Str., Ben Nghe Ward. Dist. 1, HCMC

Organizers:      VGU/VGTRC in cooperation with DOT HCMC

Patron:            MOT Vietnam


Large cities in Vietnam, particularly Ho Chi Minh City, have been facing serious urban transport problems, notably including traffic accidents, congestions, and pollutions. In enhancing urban transport and traffic management to deal with the problems, HCMC has been deploying a number of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications, such as electric toll collection (ETC), variable message signs (VMS), GPS-based bus tracking system, and user information provision at bus stop. Most recently, the city plans to develop a traffic control centre to further deploy and coordinate various ITS systems for a better traffic management. More ITS applications and systems will be developed with various technologies. There will be likely issues and difficulties in integrating and coordinating the different systems, thereby risking the effectiveness of investments. Such a challenge strongly calls for in-depth studies on the demand for ITS applications (at the moment and in future) and architectural framework for efficiently integrating the systems.  A well-to-do architecture would be very helpful in guiding and phasing investments in ITS applications and the planned traffic control centre.

Below are key figures and achievements from the symposium:

  1. There were 12 high-quality presentations were delivered at the symposium;
  2. More than 130 people attended the symposium. They were from various gvernmental authorities, industrial companies, and academic/research institutions;
  3. Opening and welcome speeches were delivered by Deputy Director of HCMC Department of Transport, Deputy Director of Dept of Science and Technology-Ministry of Transport),  and Prof Mallon (VGU President); 
  4. The event also received the attendance of key staff from Ministry of Science and Technology (Representative from Department of Science and Technology for Economic-Industrial Sectors), and HCMC Departments (including Transport, Science and Technology, Urban Railways Management, Public Transport Operation and Management Centre);
  5. Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Science and Technology and Department of Transport HCMC showed a strong interest in developing an architectural framework and standards for ITS system.
  6. HCMC Department of Transport agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with VGU/VGTRC in the practical and scientific cooperation in a number of topics, including ITS development, Urban Traffic Management, and Road Safety Improvement. 

All presentations can be downloaded from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/upwdwtd09ds1466/ITS%20Presentation%202014_PDF%20File.rar