Tiếng Việt

Joint seminar between VGU, EASTS Vietnam and JSCE Vietnam

The joint seminar between VGU, EASTS Vietnam and JSCE Vietnam on the topic “Public transport development: challenges and opportunities” was successfully organised at Vietnamese German University on May 20, 2015.

More than 70 participants coming from the Department of Transport in HCMC and surrounding provinces, research institutes, universities and consulting firms joined the seminar.

Some highlights and photos:

1. Dr. Vu Anh Tuan (Vietnam-Germany University) presented a research on "Comprehensive accessibility to public transport system in developing countries" which pointed out that if you want more people to use public transport it should be ensured that they can access easily, fast and secure for every component of a public transport. It starts with the accessibility to stops / shelters (safety walk, clean bus shelters, enough parking facilities for bicycle and motorcycle ....), then follows with the accessibility to public transport vehicles (low floor for easily boarding and alighting, easy to recognise the bus and the bus should have smoothly run). Finally, it is the accessibility to services (operating time should start early and close lately, guidance information should be adequate, easy to search and simple to understand ...).

2. Mr. Furukawa (Chairman of BECAMEX-TOKYU bus company) introduced the Japanese quality bus services in Binh Duong called "Kaze bus" (means "wind" bus), aims to provide perfect bus service to attract more people within bunch of criteria "as fast as wind, glides like wind, radiating everywhere as wind, finest as a new wind, connect all the routes, ...”.

More information is provided at: www.becamex-tokyu.com/…/other_pro…/becamex_tokyu_bus/

3. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu (Vietnam-Germany University) analysed the social costs of car usage based on world experience, then proposed to conduct this research in Vietnam to help Government and community having comprehensive understanding on the costs and benefits of excessive usage of cars, after that recommend for the policies for car usage. The research proposal also raised the necessity of developing public transport system to attract motorcycle users before they switch to cars.

4. Mr. Seki (senior expert of JICA) had a presentation on Technical Cooperation Project on “Modal Shift Challenge in Binh Duong Province” which promoting the development of public transport system based on Japanese experience and be consistent with local socio-cultural conditions. It is expected that Binh Duong will take the lead in developing high quality bus service, meet the travel demand, contributing to the reduction of congestion, accidents, pollution, ...