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Humanitarian assistance and the role of logistics, an extensive case study on a local disaster scenario

Natural Disasters abound annually and over the last decade Asia, has by far, been the region with the highest concentration of reported global disasters and the highest reported number of victims. Since 2001, Asia was hit by 152 natural disasters on average per year affecting 208 Million people and causing an annual damage of USD 62 Billion.. Applying the discipline of logistics and supply chain management will help to not only save lives but also to efficiently manage costs and to substantially increase the value of the humanitarian response.

The Kuehne Foundation – NUS HumLog Centre Asia-Pacific which got launched in 2012 is aiming at equipping the various humanitarian actors such as Governments and humanitarian relief organisations with exactly this discipline.

In line with its guiding concept “from/by Asia for Asia” the Centre predominantly focuses on local and regional capacity building initiatives in the total community of practice. This encompasses a formulation of the best education initiatives facilitated by a quality research agenda and spiced by real-world best practices.

At the onset, the Center recognized that the support of as well as the cooperation with the varied partners and actors from the different sectors and many different countries would be crucial for enhancing the humanitarian logistics capacity in the community of practice in the region. To maximize impact, the Centre’s services and activities will not only take place in Singapore but also at satellite stations close to the field operations. Therefore, the Centre has constantly been seeking new platforms to be built and supported as part of the ecosystem.

By August 2013 the Centre has opened in addition to its regional hub in Singapore three platforms in close collaboration with partners in Jogjakarta, Bangkok and Manila. A fourth platform is planned to be launched at the Ho Chi Minh University of Technlology at the end of October 2013. Main task of the platforms is to support the roll-out of the Centre’s activities such as education programs, research and outreach in the respective countries. As part of its education initiatives, the Centre has started to teach modules on humanitarian logistics at various universities at the platform locations.

The detail information of the course is followed:

Date of Course:  18- 20 December, 2013

Location          :   Vietnamese German University, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Modules of the course: Humanitarian assistance and the role of logistics, an extensive case study on a local disaster scenario. 

Trainer            : The Humanitarian Logistics – Asia Pacific Education Centre