See what Vietnamese – German University is all about

Come to VGU Open Day, if you are looking for a university, where students and lecturers are passionate about learning together. If you are a parent or friend who is keen on supporting a loved one to choose the right study program, you are very welcome to talk to our lecturers and advisors.

VGU is one of the best modern universities in Vietnam, so if you are just curious about what’s going on here, you will learn more at the Open Day.

Find out what you can study at VGU

Talk to us about your study preferences and get the first-hand advice from science and engineering to business and finance.

Build international exchange and internship opportunities into your study course to prepare for a successful career. We will support you through the different pathways to VGU and explain the application process. Information about scholarships will be announced at the Open Day as well.

Meet some of our teachers and researchers to learn more about their work. Talk to our and industry partners about their needs of human resources, you will be inspired by how they are working to change the world. You will discover fields of research and careers that you never knew existed. So, if you are unsure about what to do at and after the university, you could make up your mind by the end of the Open Day.

Feel for life at VGU

Whatever your “style” is, you will find others at VGU who will share your passions with you at the student clubs and societies.

Plan your day on your phone and access our website at Or call us at 0988 54 52 54 to get more information.

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