“VGU meets Business” with Bosch

After a successful and informative first ever “VGU meets Business” (VmB) event in April 2016 with Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, hosted by VGU, the second event of the series has followed last Wednesday, 29. June 2016, this time with our longstanding partner BOSCH Vietnam. The intention of the VmB events are to provide our students some practical insights into the professional life but also to facilitate the access for internships, thesis places and jobs.

VGU was delighted to welcome Mr. Vo Quang Hue, Managing Director of BOSCH Vietnam as the keynote speaker of the event. More than 100 Bachelor and Master students of VGU attended the event.

Mr. Vo Quang Hue gave an overview about Bosch and its business development in Vietnam, talked about the milestones of his career development, his personal experiences of working life, the mission and vision of Bosch and ultimately, how to boost one´s career. He stated that “Commitment and hardworking” are the keys to achieve one’s objective. But it’s also important to enjoy what you are doing and to enjoy every single day because to his opinion “today is the most important day of the life”.

The students listened to Mr. Vo with excitement and inquisitiveness. They also had the opportunity to interact with him about relevant themes, which relate to BOSCH, working at and with Bosch and career arrangement.

Subsequently the Human Resources (HR) department of BOSCH was introduced by Ms. Thu. She presented her department and its role within the international Bosch group. On this occasion, Ms. Thu elaborately presented ways of joining the Bosch group, career development at Bosch and finally currently vacant jobs.

Another highlight of the VmB with BOSCH has been the demo interviews. HR associates from BOSCH were interviewing some voluntary VGU students, while other students were learning by listening. After the interviews Bosch experts shared their evaluation and provided some helpful tips how to improve the application and how to prepare for a successful interview.

At the end of the event, a dinner took place, which allowed networking, experience sharing and applying directly for open internship positions at BOSCH.

Photo: Nguyen Viet Hai


Mr. Vo interacts with students

Demo interview with Bosch’ HR officer