VGU and Friends Cup Tournament 28.05.2017

The farewell tournament for our outgoing Vice President Mathias Neukirchen was a great success. In addition to two VGU Teams – VGU Staff and VGU Students, our friends from Bosch, from the European International School (EIS), from the German General Consulate and from the University of Economics and Law (UEL) in Ho Chi Minh City joined this very international competition. The tournament took place in Thao Dien at the Arsenal Soccer School. It was a thrilling tournament, already in the group stage there was a game with end game character about who will enter the final. EIS had only 3 points behind our VGU Staff team and with a 3-0 win against Bosch they would have passed us. Fortunately, Bosch was able to defeat EIS, so at the end the final pairing was between VGU Staff and VGU Students.


Bosch finished fifth after a win against the Consulate and EIS finished third after a glorious victory against UEL. In a very balanced final, the VGU Students team won after an epic penalty shoot-out.


Congratulations to our students for winning the first VGU and Friends Cup. We look forward to wining the tournament next year!

Ky Lam, Volunteer at VGU
Ursus, Intern at VGU