VGU Binh Duong, 05.12.2016

Green Mobility can help to reduce air pollution considerably. Today, traffic is responsible for up to 70% of all air pollution. Large cities suffer especially from this problem. For example, with 5 million motorbikes and underdeveloped traffic infrastructure, Ho Chi Minh City dwellers have to suffer from congestion, air pollution and noise pollution. Replacing conventional motorbikes by pollution-free electrical scooters can help significantly to change to environmentally and citizen-friendly transportation and to initiate the change to environmentally-friendly and citizen-friendly transportation.

To support this transition, Bosch has taken the initiative to develop and implement Vietnam’s first hassle-free system for making electric scooters available for a broad audience through a system where such electrical scooters can be rented for a small fee at central locations, in cooperation with VGU and two other universities in HCMC and Da Nang.

On 05.12.2016, the second eScooter sharing station will be opened at VGU, allowing better mobility for its students and staff, and further supporting teaching and researching activities.


My sincere thanks to Bosch Vietnam, the initiator and sponsor of this important project, which has inspired our VGU students and students of other universities to develop innovative ideas and transform their academic knowledge into practical solutions. We are proud of our students’ achievements. And we feel encouraged to undertake such initiatives more for the benefit of our students, of our partners in industry and of Vietnam.

                                                                               - Dr. Hà Thúc Viên, Acting President


Through this project Bosch and VGU want to encourage students to realise their innovative ideas from development to commercialisation. Participating students were winners of the Green Challenge competition organised by Bosch for universities in 2015, marking another success of VGU on the way to become an excellent research university in Vietnam.

Photos of the event: