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Lab Engineer for EEIT


The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a young autonomous, research oriented, Vietnamese state university substantially financed by Germany and Vietnam. The campus of this new model university is in Binh Duong New City and by 2018 it will move to a new campus, financed by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and a World Bank loan, in Binh Duong Province.  We are striving for excellence in the fields of research and development, teaching and lifelong learning, university governance, and are heading to become a world-class institution in the South- East Asian market within the next two decades. Furthermore, VGU is designated to provide capacity building measures for the entire higher education sector in Vietnam.
To support the young and growing university administration we are looking to fill the following full-time position with a qualified and experienced candidate as soon as possible to work at the various locations of VGU in Vietnam.

Lab Engineer for EEIT

Vietnamese-German University (VGU) invites applications for the position of Research and Teaching Assistant for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EEIT).
The successful applicant will be associated with the EEIT Bachelor Program (http://www.vgu.edu.vn/studies/bachelor/eeit/), a collaborative project between VGU and Frankfurt University of Applied Science (https://www.frankfurt-university.de/), Germany.
The employee will be part of a young, ambitious team from VGU. The position is located at the Vietnamese German University in Vietnam.


•    Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in a well-known university, good GPA (preferably 7.0 and above)
•    Good general and practical knowledge of engineering and science, especially electrical engineering and physics
•    Knowledge of basic concepts of electronic components such as semiconductor diodes, bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, and their modeling in electronic simulation programs such as SPICE as well as the operational characteristics of analog and digital switching circuit
•    Understanding of the propagation of electromagnetic waves on transmission lines and in free space, knowledge of high-frequency terms and concepts such as Maxwell's equations, plane waves, wave propagation on transmission lines, high-frequency amplifiers, transmitter and receiver systems
•    Insight in high-frequency circuit concepts and the design of simple systems of transmitters and receivers
•    Ability to set up, organize and conduct laboratory experiments for students and to supervise them
•    Problem-solving skills, demonstrated in successful completion of engineering design projects
•    Hands-on practical experience in the design of analog and digital electronic circuits, in particular interfaces between analog and digital switching circuits, basic power supply of low-level amplifiers, differential amplifiers, real operational amplifiers and related basic circuits, basic digital circuits, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, oscillators,  flip-flop circuits,  mixed digital/analog logic circuits, power and driver circuits
•    Manufacturing of printed circuit boards and testing analog, digital, and high-frequency electronics using modern test and measurement equipment such as digital multimeters, function generators, analog and digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers.
•    Practical engineering experience is considered an advantage
•    Committed to work on a long-term basis, careful, hard-working
•    Strong communication and language skills in order to facilitate EEIT’s hands-on teaching approach and to support project work in teams.

•    Managing Digital Systems Laboratory.
•    Prepare and conduct lab sessions for courses Digital Circuits Design, Digital Systems, Electric Circuits, Electromagnetics and other related modules as assigned by the academic coordinator.
•    Support EEIT faculty's teaching activities.
•    Coordinate the assigned group of students to prepare EEIT demonstrations and provide laboratory tour for public VGU events such as Student Recruitment event, High School visits, VGU Open Day, VGU Opening and Graduation Ceremonies, visits of industrial companies and academic institutions.
•    Support EEIT faculty's research activities.
•    Cooperate with other laboratory engineers and support other EEIT laboratories as assigned by the academic coordinator.


Interested candidates should submit their application (in English) that includes the following in a single PDF to VGU’s Human Resource Department at job@vgu.edu.vn
•    A motivation statement (one page only);
•    A complete CV;
•    Copy of all academic degrees;
•    Abstract of the Master thesis or, if applicable, PhD thesis (200 words);
•    Proofs of English language proficiency and quantitative skills (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or similar tests);
•    And, if available, academic references.

Please include the reference number of this position when applying: 2017-AA-HP-20.