Embedded Intelligent Systems

Learning goals

Students become acquainted with the structure and function of embedded intelligent systems. The students will have a comprehensive knowledge of hardware design and programming of the most important features in C. The topics include the recording and processing of analog and digital data, response to interrupt and scheduled events, data transfer via interfaces, data display on LC displays and control of the actuators. They will be familiar with a range of intelligent and adaptive algorithms and demonstrate practical skills in implementing a range of embedded systems like intelligent barco code readers and adaptive color sensors. The students acquire skills in teamwork, project and time management, and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  •  Architecture of Embedded Systems 
  • Assessment of microcontrollers and peripheral components (e.g. key boards, LC Displays, data I/O) with respect to the design of Embedded Intelligent Systems 
  • Programming of LC-displays, timers and AD-converters in C 
  • Adaptable algorithms 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Ambient Intelligence 
  • Ubiquitous computing concepts



Dr. Peter Nauth


Dr. Peter Nauth


Dr. Peter Nauth

Dr. Andreas Pech

Certification of credits:

Written examination