Electronics part 2

Learning goals

Students learn basic concepts of the use of electronic components and their description in electronic simulation programs (SPICE). They have the ability to design and dimension electronic circuits and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the operation characteristics of analogue and digital switching circuits. Emphasis is put on interfaces problems emerging between analogue and digital switching circuits and the application of simulation tools. The students acquire skills in teamwork and are prepared for working and presentation techniques.

Course contents

  • Basic circuits of digital circuitry 
  • Digital/ analogue and analogue/ digital conversion techniques
  • Oscillators and flip-flop circuits 
  • Combined digital/analogue logic circuits 
  • Power and driver circuits 
  • Simulation of digital/ analogue circuits based on SPICE



Dr. Gernot Zimmer


Dr. Gernot Zimmer

Mr. Tran Anh Tung


Roland Schickel

Dr. Gernot Zimmer

Certification of credits:

Written examination