Tiếng Việt

Law for Economists

Learning goals

The goal of this module is the obtainment of the necessary juridical knowledge needed for both further study and future employment. Students are provided with a basic understanding of the role of the judicial system in the economy. The lecturer also presents economic relevant topics regarding public and civil law.



Course materials will be provided before and throughout the course.

Course contents

The course provides economists with an overview of the Vietnamese legal system, including in an international context. The course covers an introduction to the Vietnamese legal system, with a focus on commercial transactions (Civil Code, Commercial Law, and specialised laws applicable to commercial contracts), legal entities and their regulatory framework (Law on Enterprises, Law on Investment) and related legal matters in the context of business law and business transactions. In addition, the course provides an overview on international contracts and international transactions.

The course combines interactive lectures with exercise sections and group discussions on approaching and resolving the exercises.


Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan
Christian Schäfer