Introduction to Economics

Learning goals

The goal of this module is to provide students with a broad overview of Economics. Students will analyze fundamental economic models to learn the most important methods and concepts of Economics. Besides the formal (algebraically and geometrical) model analysis, the analysis of economic texts will assist students in understanding the history of economic theories.


N. Gregory Mankiw: Economics, Cengage Learning Emea: 2nd Revised edition

Course contents

Students will study how markets and the economic cycle function by using the methods of the microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis. Furthermore, the course covers the role of private and governmental institutions and the consequences of the developing international division of labor. In the final part of the course students will learn to forecast future developments based on current economic-political problems in the age of globalization.



Dr. Lars Pilz


Dr. Myriam Hadnes

Type of Course

The module consists of lectures and exercises.
Students will demonstrate proficiency in course material through exercises.

Certification of credits

Written examination (90 Minutes)