Texas Instruments Inc., also known as TI, is an American company based in Dallas, Texas, United States which is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductors worldwide. Its line of work also involves the development of commercialized computer technology. Texas Instruments Inc. designs and manufactures analog and embedded processing chips enabling the making of products that matter. From affordable mobile phones connecting people, to classroom projectors supporting remote learning, to prosthetic devices for the disabled – TI technology powers new ideas and inspires better solutions.

TI also supports study programs at universities worldwide. One instance of which is the development kits given to the labs at VGU by the Texas Instruments Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City including

--MSP-EXP430G2, an MSP430 Launchpad value line development kit that is easy to use and will be introduced in our program.

--MSP-EXP430FG4618 and MSP-FET430UIF which have more features, interfaces and debugger devices.

These kits are available for small projects. The following kits are used in digital signal processing

--TMDX5535EZDSP which is a C5535 eZDSP USB stick development kits.

Link to the company website: ti.com